Sunday morning, and our weekend is drawing to a close. We feel the power radiating as Tiffany Weis leads us out of a night of meditative silence. We are refreshed, energized and like Patrician, radiating our inner Enchantment.

A Sunday message from Kyra punctuated by Jody's music:

Immersed in silence and prayer, our Spirit nurtures and heals us of any sense of separation from God and we know ourselves to be Christ beings, expressing as Goddesses. When our soul remembers Truth, we integrate ourselves in whole, holy wonder at the Enchantment of loving ourselves and all that exists.  We become a radiating center of light and love -- we are the source of Enchantment when we live from this inner delight. 

We sing our Alleluia's and embrace each moment and each day as another opportunity to love more, share our wisdom and find new enchantment in the everyday moments. What a glorious experience we have looking into one another's eyes and hearts and seeing the graciousness and goodness expressed. 

Our gratitude overflows and both our inner and outer worlds radiate with a vibration of divine love, joy, harmony and peace. That is Enchantment and a journey to remember each and every day!

Jody leads us in a couple of circle dances. Kyra and Sarah Kay Zuber act of the motions of "The Circle is Open," a reminder that what we gained at the retreat, we can take home and share.

(Run your mouse over the photo to make the women move.)

A last walk over the peaceful trails,
a last visit to some special spots

A call home from a rocky woodland perch
And a final goodby to friends

And we are ready to go home, radiating

Conscious Enchantment

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