We practiced Allowing during our fun craft project, moving from table to table and wind chime to wind chime, enjoying our artistry without developing an attachment to the result.

Our drums came out as we participated in Jody's music and listened to Kyra's message:

Allowing is a process of letting go of any preconceived ideas or expectations and living in the flow fully alive, awake and surrendered into the moment.  When we are truly in the enchantment of this now moment, we begin to see the beauty and natural order that creates harmony, peace and joy all around us.  We learn that we don't need to control, manipulate or coerce to create the highest outcome. We relax into allowing the Universe to easily and gracefully reveal its grand plan for us that is always for our greater good and greater experience of God.  As we join in a community supporting one another in this Truth experience, our way is even more heart-warming and connected ... both to Source and to one another.

Our prayer team reads the prayers from our prayer box and we all give these prayers our support.

Thanks to the magic of digital photograpy, these three panels include nearly everyone who attended the retreat.