One by one we enter the hall. We gasp in awe. Our oridnary daytime space has changed into a place of joyous Enchantment.
Jodi's music leads us further into the mood and Kyra's words expand our enchanted feelings:

As awakened, conscious Beings of Light and Love, we embrace our own inner Divinity and realize that there is a sacred enchantment in being who we are naturally.  We learn to honor and acknowledge our own light and accept ourselves as whole and holy.  We realize that our willingness to allow Infinite Presence to guide us leads us to embrace our own powerful purpose in service to our world.  Our greatest service is in being who we are and embracing ourselves as a beautiful, wonderful creation of God.  As we shine our light and share ourselves with joy and abandon, we give others permission to shine their lights more brightly and to love and honor themselves as well.  We all rise in celebration of the unique beauty of each other and all of life.  We embrace God as All That Is!

And then we let out Conscious Enchantment express
as we drum - and dance - and celebrate!

We end the evening by going into silence
So that we can reflect on our weekend -
What we gained and what we gave,
What we can take home and what we leave with others.